Regular guest card of Hotel Garden Ring

Regular guest card of Hotel Garden Ring

Dear guests,
We are glad to inform you that now you can become a participant of the discount program for regular guests of Moscow Hotel Garden Ring.
You can receive a card of a regular guest when you check-in at the reception. This card enables the guest to receive a discount for accommodation in the amount of:

  • 3% - from 2nd arrival;
  • 5% - from the 5th arrival;
  • 10% - from the 10th arrival;
  • 15% - 15% - from the 15th arrival.

This discount will change automatically depending on the number of your stays at the hotel.

Please, note that the discount is valid and its amount changes only when making direct reservations (by phone, e-mail or directly at the hotel).

For guests that have a card with the discount for accommodation from3% до 10%  Moscow Hotel Garden Ring provides a 7%  discount for additional hotel services.

A 10% discount for additional hotel services is available from the 15th stay at the hotel.
Thank you for choosing the Hotel Garden Ring.

Discounts on cards and other discounts are not summarized.

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Visa support
Garden Ring Hotel provides free tourist invitations for visas for all clients that made a reservation at the hotel (except for the following countries: Vietnam, India, China, Korea, Sri Lanka)
In order to receive visa support, please, get in touch with our managers via email: