SPA Programs

We have also developed a separate complex of SPA programs specifically for couples in love. The programs will allow you to get to know each other again, enjoying the atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Romantic offer 15 000 RUB / 3 hours
Visit to the Thermal Area of our SPA Center: Aroma cabin, Salt cabin , Herbal room, shower of impressions, ice fountain, SPA pool.

  • For her: Nepali tea peeling + feet washing in a bamboo bowl + Moroccan massage
  • For him: peeling with black soap with eucalyptus + moisturizing the body with warm aroma oil.
  • The duration of the program is 3 hours.

SPA day for those in love 8 000 RUB / 3 hours
Three-hour visit to the Thermal Area for two includes:
SPA pool, shower of impressions, hydromassage, Aroma cabin, Salt cabin , Herbal room, icy fountain, and much more!

Vanilla sky 10 000 RUB / 2 hours
This program has an outstanding anti-stress effect and will help restore strength after much stress and tension.
The program includes:
For him: restoring massage of the back, feet and scalp and Thai stretching of the muscles of your back, hands and feet to achieve complete relaxation (duration 1 hour).
For her: Oriental massage that foresees pleasant, soft, and comfortable movements that release body from overexertion, thanks to a gentle and deep working on the muscles and skin of your body (duration 1 hour).
Couples will also rest in the Thermal Area for 1 hour.


People who love traveling will appreciate our SPA programs developed based on various cultures and traditions of other countries.

Russian voyage 12 000 RUB/ 2,5 hours
Ingredients - black caviar, champagne, powdered pearls and micronized gold, which means amino acids, conchiolin, vitamins A, B, C, E, D. And as a result, it gives luxurious nourishment and moisturizing of the skin, lifting effect and recovery of skin elasticity. The recipe for magic is "the potion for the body" which is exfoliation, massage honey, aqua capsule with gold.

Japanese voyage 10 000 RUB/ 2 hours
Green tea will provide detoxification and deep cleansing, help get rid of swelling due to outstanding lymphatic drainage effect. It’s a wellness program for residents of large metropolises.

French voyage 10 000 RUB/ 2 hours
Red grapes that contain resveratrol and anthocyanins help fight couperose and vascular problems, varicose veins, eliminate the ‘tired legs syndrome’.

Mexican voyage 10 000 RUB/ 2 hours
Designed for those ones who are fighting cellulite. The secret of Mexican recipe is black chocolate. Caffeine and theobromine of cocoa contribute to the cleavage of fats, and flavonoids and magnesium salts have vascular strengthening and draining effect.

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, please write us: or call:  +7 (495) 988-34-60 (ext: 123)

Terms and conditions of providing the services

Terms and conditions of providing the services

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